Hello Kitty fix

Hello Kitty bag - front I want to go back to Asia so much. Everyone is planning trips, talking about trips, doing trips – and I, who has a lot of free time, have no money to travel to my hearts content. Ah, how unfair life is, right? Luxuary problem, I know, and not even a problem really. I will travel, only not right now.

This cute Hello Kitty bag have been laying around in my wardrobe for three years. I bought it in Bankok in 2003. The the handle got torn of just after I started using it… and it couldn’t be sewn on the sewing machine because the plastic bag is too thick. But now I’ve fixed it, sewing the handle seams by hand.

I can wear my Hello Kitty bag again, hurray! Nothing gets me in the mood as a Hello Kitty fix!

Why it happened now? I’ve been cleaning my wardrobe!

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