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Soft Mohair Scarves with Swirls

I like crocheting because it is such a easy and small project to bring when you are crafting away from home. And since I make these swirly scarfs from a pattern I now store in my head, I don’t need to read any directions. I just bring a ball of yarn and a hook and […]

Another white bunny

Another little bunny I’ve made. Her name is Nina, she is wearing a dress made from a cute fabic sent to me by Mimmi. Nina likes carots, cinnamon buns and spring time. Related PostsBaby Ruth the rabbit Mullis the little mole Mohair Dream in mauve

White arm chair

Comfort is the Studio Friday theme today. I’m the kind of girl that loves to stay at home. To have a home, with a bed, a nice sofa, and food in the kitchen, that is comfort to be. I don’t mind traveling, as long as I know I have my home to land in afterwards. […]

To Recycle an angora sweater

I found a lot of wool sweaters at the Recycle workshop. I put all of them in the washer over night. The first day I grabbed this, already felted, angora sweater and started to make a cap. I just cut it out free hand, and sewed it together on the sewing machine. Then I embroidered […]

Pink bags

Is it hot in here? Nah, it must be me. I’m not crafting anything right now, I’m stationed in the sofa with tea and glasses of water and paper napkins. I’ve seen an episode of Ophra with Jon Bon Jovi giving her 1 million and surfed for a while, but I need to get back […]

I crocheted a Amigurumi Bunny

Don’t breath to close to your screen right now, I think I have a fever. My eyes are pink and I feel so warm that my check are in blossom. Red roses and pink colours, my usual favorites, but not today. Related PostsCrocheting with Tricot Lots of pink flowers All about Amigurumi

Hello Kitty fix

I want to go back to Asia so much. Everyone is planning trips, talking about trips, doing trips – and I, who has a lot of free time, have no money to travel to my hearts content. Ah, how unfair life is, right? Luxuary problem, I know, and not even a problem really. I will […]

This is me collage

This morning I made a collage (oh, what a great feeling) while drinking my coffee. I call it This is me because I see it as a self portrait of me. I made it in my Squared Art journal and took the photo of it as my contribution for Studio Friday today. I only wish […]

Retro style recycled fabric bag

A first try at a little bag! Ugly lining from moms stash and cool retro fabric that I bought second hand maybe two years ago. It used to be a curtain, now it is not. Now it is a retro style recycled fabric bag! Related PostsHandbag made out of Old Jeans The Lost Knob DIY […]

Wrist warmers and stamps to mount

I’ve made two more wrist warmers (handledsvrmare, or pulsvrmare) combining crocheting and knitting for a warm hand by the computer (my preference) or anywhere else where you don’t want to wear mittens but still want to keep warm and need to use your hands. Drawing outside, writing in your journal when the wind is chilly, […]

I made a book!

My pile of bound paper have been growing at the Bookbinding class, but nothing was evolving to a book. Until now, when I’ve made my first real book, my first masterpiece, a blank note book with drawing papers and a gray cover! I know you will think I made this since I’m posting it like […]