Pincushion Challange button Do you remember the log cabin pincushions that I made this summer? I added one of these to the Bild av n?ldynor Pincushion Challange in September when the theme was recycle, a theme that is allways appliable on me. You can try to find my cushion among the other beautiful ones in the September album (and you’ll get lots of inspiration there too).

My first log cabin cushion Now I’ve made a big log cabin pillow cover, that I’ve quilted to a thicker material to make it sturdy (that’s the trick girls). I have lots of fabric left to make more to match this one, and I will, eventually. Rest asure, coz I’m proud.

I can’t belive I finally made a pillow for the sofa (it’s been on my list for years), and that it turned out so pretty.

Can you belive I made this? It looks like it was somebody else, but it was me, I promise!