Inspiration board from chicken net

At Studio Friday it is STICK IT TO THE… BOARD! Friday today, so I wanted to show you some of the thousand places where I stick my inspiration. Here is the first one:

iHanna's inspiration board
Above my little desk I have pinned up this chicken run net, and made it kind of bubbly. With Photo Toilette doorclothes pegs and paper clips I hang up postcards, stickers, art and letters that inspire me. Paper or toys that I think is cute, beautiful or funny – things I want to look at more than once or twice in a pile of paper really.

Another place where I stick things is my wall photo album with plastic sleeves. It is hanging on the bathroom wall, and I remodel it all the time. I take away some photos, add other new ones or some photos that are a couple of years old that reminds me of something. I truly enjoy this wall in our home. It is changing with season and time, and always when people come over this is where they stop and comment, smiling and looking at our photos.
Papers and sketch pads
Other places of inspiration is my bookshelf with books and stuff, my art journals and the refrigerator door. Where do you stick your inspiration – and what do you stick there? Head over to Studio Friday and let us know!

Oh, and thanks everyone for the support with the Copy cat I wrote about yesterday. I don’t think she had any intention of crediting me, but she wasn’t selling either. If she contacts me I’ll be surprised, but I won’t call on her. After a friend commented on her particular copy cat post she removed the whole thing, as though she was ashamed, and also removed the link to my site from her blogline! I take that as a admission and that’s it for me.
New Pink cat pen
Want to see even more pin boards?
Go to flickr’s group Inspiration boards and the Art Studio Pool where you can get lost in beautiful and strange artist rooms!

Have a great weekend, it’s still raining over here, so I’ll stay in tonight with popcorn, a movie from the library – and yes yes yes: root bear!

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  1. Hi Hanna!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and inviting me to yours. I am blown away by all the pretties in your shop. I love the inspiration wall you created with chicken wire–great idea!!! I’m off to explore all your different categories!!


  2. I LOVE the chicken wire idea! So creative and it has such an interesting “feel” to it.

  3. I like the photo vinyl pocket idea on the door that is kewl.

    Rootbeer RULES! I need a good movie tonight too! ^_^ Have a great weekend dear.

  4. Oooh, I love inspiration boards – and yours looks very interesting and pretty. The wall photo album is such a neat idea! I have so many photos just lying around and stuck to the fridge that could do with a decent home. Did you make it? Or did you buy it like that?

    Glad things got sorted with the copy cat too.

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