Selma the catI try not to be a copy cat, but the balance between giving inspiration and being ripped off is difficult. The line is easy to cross and I think some people just won’t see it if you haven’t spelled it out. I’ve just seen the works of a copy cat.

Be flattered you might say, but nah, I can’t feel any of that really. Not at all, I’m disipointed and sad. I don’t think it is okey to copy something, and not even telling where you got the inspiration – or the whole idea and concept that it’s about this time.

These are made by me this summer from a pattern that I created:

Massor av Katt-i-fnattar

I’ve blogged about them several times and I’m selling some in my shop!

Here is what a another blogging person has “created”:


The ears and body shape is exacly the same, even though mine are smaller and has better shaped tails. The faces are a copy too, with thin black thread embrodered in the same manner as I have done – and she is linking to my site from the sidebar, so it is very obviouss where she got the idea. But not in her post, at all.

I’ve been thinking about this all day today and yesterday. I guess it’s bothering me a bit.

What do you think – and what would you do?
If this happened to you, how would you react? And it’s not about an idea borrowed or inspiration found here, I love that – it’s about a rip off.