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Trying out my new scissors

I was trying out my new scissor the other day, and they are really sharp and great. I’ve been doing some paper craft this weekend, plus sewing for the Christmas fairs I’m attending this year. I’m so looking forward to those, and to Christmas. I’m even thinking about doing some Christmas craft this year, if […]

Homemade Soup

Homemade vegetable soup, how about that? This is a picture for Bokkanalen’s reviewer Jenny who e-mailed to tell me that her favorite thing about my blog is the category that is about food. Food Mood indeed. How strange I thought, do I have such a category? But well, I do. Food is part of my […]

Green wrist warmers with an edge

I’ve knitted dark green wrist warmers in baby wool yarn that is really soft. I then crocheted a lace like edge in moss green (not so soft) wool, in two layers around and instead of sewing them together I added buttons as closure. I think they turned out kind of romantic, even though the colours […]

Visit to the artist shop

I got a great big check to go to the Artist Shop in town (Konstnärsshopen) for my birthday, and I’ve been saving it for a special day when I needed a shop kick – and feeling so happy about having it. So this week the time came when I put the big sturdy check into […]

Log cabin pillow

Do you remember the log cabin pincushions that I made this summer? I added one of these to the Pincushion Challange in September when the theme was recycle, a theme that is allways appliable on me. You can try to find my cushion among the other beautiful ones in the September album (and you’ll get […]

Useless shop I kind of like

They have rows and rows of colourful, plastic, cute, desined new stuff. You know what I’m taking about. All these useless shops that we all hang out in. Like this one: It opened in town about a year ago, and I just can’t walk past without going inside and walking the rows smelling fake candels, […]

Kaleidoscope and potential

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been getting a lot of great stuff in the mail. Some great books, a private handwritten letter and a fun package with a kaleidoscope of colours from Kris, whose blog has disappeared (or what?), but the girl is alive and really surprised me with this fun mail. I sent her […]

Granny Square Scarf in pink

I crocheted my first granny square (mormorsruta) in November last year, this is what I wrote back then: I think it is to many holes in it to be a scarf? But it was fun to make it, I have lots of tiny balls of yarn that I could use? Maybe I’ll just try it […]

What fits into a matchbox?

I signed up for the Matchbox Swap, asking myself; – What fits into a matchbox? – Nothing really I guess, it is so small… So I couldn’t resist the Matchbox Swap, I had to sign up and join, just to see what I could give away that would fit inside a small sized matchbox. I […]