Mullis the little mole, free hand amigurumi softies by iHanna

This is Mullis the little mole. I made him a couple of months ago, but then I added brown buttons as his eyes, which made him look blind. I didn’t like him like that.

So now that I’ve taken the ordinary buttons off and added “real” glass eyes with black irises instead, I like him better. I think he looks much cuter and more alive now. What do you think?

Perhaps he is blind anyways, maybe all little moles are? Or maybe they just have bad eyesight? I know I do, but my glasses are strong.

Mullis is the little brother of Molly the mole that I finished last year.

My mole Molly, free hand amigurumi softies by iHanna

♥ She is one of my favorites that I’ve made. I will keep her for me, but Mullis might be for sale in my shop later. I crocheted both these amigurumi softies free hand with no pattern. I think it’s super fun to just “start and go” with these amigurumies, and see what you end up with…