2 cat friends

When I visited my mom and dad this summer mom and I got a lot of crafting done, with me leading the way. I’m in such hurry, feeling there is so much I want to make before the summer ends, before Christmas, in this coming year. I try not to stress her out, but I guess I can be a bit intense sometime. But all the projects that I start, she summons me to finish. In that way we each got two beautiful cats sewn from a pattern I found in one of her many craft books. I usually take two or three with me to bed each night and flip through, getting inspiration and ideas for even more things I want to make. Then I try to sleep… not easy at times.

Mom's quilt booksMom has a lot of books about quilting and sewing, and the best once are from Norway or Denmark by authors like Lisa Bergene and my all time quilting favourit: Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussen!

Her creations are often brown, white and beige, a sweet but still modern cottage style with amazing quilts, softies, decorations and bags – all in the kind of fabrics I love. Love! I want to make everything from her books, maybe one day I will have done that.

Get Skandinavian books too! I see a lot of Japanese craft books around, but really there are some great Skandinavian craft books to. Have a look, aren’t some of these books magic?!

Fabric flowerMom and me made two cats each and two mini bunnies. Mine still needs clothes before they are finished. I also made a small ballerina doll and a couple of other things that were not from her books. Pictures will come as soon as I finish all the detailing!

I also sewed one tiny flower with a pattern from the book. I had of course planed to make lots and lots of these, but then… I ran out of time and that is what happen a lot for me.

My fabric flower
My litlte fabric flower with my parents real flowers.