Coffee and knitting

The weekend and today – that is all that is left of my very long summer holiday. I’m trying to finish up some projects that I’ve started during the course of the summer. Adding buttons to a knitting project, sewing together a couple of pink amigurumis, painting the inside of the bird houses and untangling a couple of knitting projects that has traveled in bags with me and that are still not finished.

After a long hot summer it has been raining for two days now. A lovely fresh hard rain falling from the sky. Smilla crept through the wet grass yesterday, and today she is sleeping late.

I’m going to take photos of my finished projects today, because the sun is out again – and also update my html based homepage later. What I would really like to add to the front page is a photo with white swirls, but I can’t paint in Photoshop and I don’t know where to find such digital embellishments.

Have a great weekend and check back next week for photos of some more of my creative summer projects.