Glasunderlägg från Kurragömma

Glass coaster I bought in Finland

I’ve been thrifting and crafting but have not yet downloaded the photos to the computer, so can’t show that yet. But I wanted to show one of the most beautiful things I’ve bought – ever. A tiny glass mat, with a vintage looking rose print.

I don’t know who designed it, but I love it.

I just had to have it, and I probably could’ve bought the whole store if I’d been a girl with bigger means. The store is called Kurragömma, and is located in Vaasa, Finland.

Polka dotted pottery, Anne Claire Petit’s crocheted cars, fake flowers, cute toys and home decoration to die for. What can I say, it’s my new favorite shop!

Nya anteckningsböcker

And of course school season is getting closer and all the book stores here in Sweden has started showcasing their new series of stationary for kids. New notebooks in all their glory, there for grown ups too to snatch up… School starting is like heaven for notebook enthusiasts like me. So far I’ve only bought two simple notebooks with spiral binding and ruled pages. I thought I’d use them when school actually starts in August, but I’ve already opened the first one to journal in. Now I probably have to go get another one soon… Maybe in another colour or size – yes probably!

Pink pen
The pen is bought at Indiska. Not my favorite to write with, but totally love to look at it!

Things like these brightens the day a bit when you have a headache, and I have.

Take care!