Topic of Studio Friday today is sounds in the studio…

Open doorSounds in my studio can be the loud sewing machine or the silent stroke of my brush on watercolour paper.

If the balcony door is open, wich it is right now, I hear the sssshwoom of the cars driving by on the nearby road – but also the distinct sound of birds chatting and building nests in the trees. The sun entice me to go outside, to sit in the sun and not work. Just look in one of the library books I brought home this week. It’s Friday after all.

Empty wallToday the normal silence will be disrupted by me hammering on the hard wall in our bedroom. A empty ligth blue wall that has had picture frames leaned against it for over a year now. No more. I’ve asked the Man in the house, but he never has the time. So today I’ll stop being a pussy and do it myself. I do have a hammer of my own you know (thanks to daddy!).

Slam, slam, slam. Home decorating with photos and my art and… filling this wall I think? Or I might leave out one little spot for future art?

Tape bookAfter that’s all finished I’m going to listen to audio tapes with the second novel by Vilhelm Moberg from the library.

I’m looking forward to listen to this story all weekend, doing layred art in my Book of Dreams, sitting in the sun, enjoying life as best as I can, even though I’m very tired these days. Trying not to much about next year, when I have to make a choise on wich course to take in school: sound (radio) or silence (written word)? I dunno!

And if I sit still to long, this little girl will wake up and say “hey, lets play” in her own words:
– Mrrrrro?

Today sound good, right? It’s Friday after all.