I ♥ birdhouses & owls

Bird house
Giao of Gnome G’s blog was so very generous to send me a little birdhouse of my own after I commented on her collection! Seeds and letterPeoples generousity amazes me! I sent her two easter table cloths, a thrifted money purse and some craft stuff in exchange though. I looove this birdhouse. See the heart door? The colours? The shape! Mmm…

I also got a very artsy letter, flower seeds to plant in the balcony and a little sunflower stick from Hanne. The mouse girls on the packages are so cute! I will have to find something to plant the seeds in soon. Spring has arived to us here in the north too now.

It’s not strange that we like birds so much, but have you noticed the trend of birds, bird nests and birdhouses on the net? Specially owls!

Here are some owls I’ve found and liked, just to inspire your day:

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  1. i love that birdhouse! (and i had so say it in english because swedish “f?gelholk” doesn’t seem to be the proper word … it just makes me think of wooden home made birdhouses like the one i did when i was 10 y o)

  2. ooo I love owls, birds, eggs, nests etc They’re very popular at the moment aren’t they?! Lovely birdhouse! Enjoyed the links too thanks! :)

  3. Hanna, the birdhouse looks perfect in its little spot in your home. Yay! And I LOVE all the owl links. I am on a big owl kick myself!

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