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I ♥ birdhouses & owls

Giao of Gnome G’s blog was so very generous to send me a little birdhouse of my own after I commented on her collection! Peoples generousity amazes me! I sent her two easter table cloths, a thrifted money purse and some craft stuff in exchange though. I looove this birdhouse. See the heart door? The […]

The Fruit Girls – ATC

The creative process has had more impact, power, influence, and success than any other process in history. All of the arts, many of the sciences, architecture, pop culture and the entire technological age we live in exists because of the creative process. /Robert Fritz Miss Sour Lemon and miss Paris Wheel, as collaged Artist trading […]

Easter feelings

As promised, some Easter Feeling photos today! Part of my breakfast on Easter Day: Mom thrifted new candle holders last weekend and I got candy and a present (new bag!). In Sweden we don’t have Easter Bunnies or chickens who come visit us and bring us egg. Instead the children dresses up like Easter Witches […]

30 years ago today

I was born thirty years ago today, on the night from Good Friday (Pskdagen). I, Hanna, thirty years ago. It feels like the whole of April has been my month this year since I’ve had so much attention, been in the paper and had two birthday partys (and got a cat). And you’ll just have […]

A few collages

Dragonfly in the window is a blue collage with papers from a magazine, some scrap booking paper I like and a few bits and pieces from Katie. The Big hank collage I think is rather fun. I made the background thinking it would give “a swedish feeling”, and then added the head, the body and […]

Lill-Klas & Stor-Klas

Susan, do you remember the wool cap I bought last year when we thrifted in Stockholm? I thought it might be a felted bag, but it turned out it wanted to be something else: Firt it was this one, a chubby little bear that I call Lill-Klas (little Klas). I really like how he turned […]

Pink Cake Day

I will have two birthday partys this year, one at my home and the other one later (at Easter) at my parents home. First Birthday Party was yesterday, and even though I’m not 30 yet, I had so many friends over, giving me presents and hugs. I had the best time! I was amazed, and […]

A Cat Moved In

Suddenly I’m out of words. Maybe this picture will reveal some of my feelings of happiness, serenity and peace… A cat has moved in! I’ve never had a cat before. And now she lives here, with us. She jumped into my lap (once) and she comes when I call her. It’s such an amazing feeling […]

Blogger’s and their cats

Cats are the best, right? And softie cats too. I made two blue striped pointy kittens last month. One was a present for my friend Jakob, on his second birthday. I think he liked it. He said “Kiiisse-kaaatt!” when he opened the package. I have photos of the other cat I made, but it’s a […]