Bird squad

What inspires you?

There are a lot of situations, peoples and things that inspire me all the time.

I decided earlier this week to make a list of 52 things that inspires me right now:

  • 1. A tidy desk, a clean home – totally inspire me to mess it up again
  • 2. My mother
  • 3. All the blogs I visit
  • 4. Books by Kaffe Fassett
  • 5. Clothes Paper Scissors magazine
  • 6. Roses in all colours and forms
  • 7. Some shops where they have lots of beautiful things that can be bought and brought home – but that also inspire me to try to make things by myself (like Indiska)
  • 8. Children
  • 9. Nature
  • 10. Bringing my camera on walks and visits
  • 11. New notebooks, and white paper of all kinds that screams out to used right now
  • 12. Studio Friday prompts by Tine, who each week hosts a prompt to look at our surroundings/life (this week it’s about inspiration>!
  • 13. Going into a flea market or a thrift store hunting for new fun stuff to use, like fabric, yarn, frames, boxes, paper ephemera and so on. This is a real turn on for me.
  • 14. Lynne Perrella’s book Art journals and sketchbooks
  • 15. Museums and art exhibits that has a big verity of different things (like Vsterbottens museum)
  • 16. Books and magazines on interior design with beautiful pictures of peoples homes
  • 17. Fabric patterns
  • 18. Words, poetry and smart quotes
  • 19. Meditation
  • 20. The past – I want to remember and keep as much as I can, so I try to document all the time both in words, pictures, letters and films
  • 21. New black pens to draw with
  • 22. Frida Kahlo (the movie, knowing about the artist’s strength and also a children’s book about her that I have)
  • 23. Pictures (postcards, magazine clips, photos, newspaper)
  • 24. The cook book Det vegetariska kket by Lotta Brinck
  • 25. Traci Bunkers Visual Journal pages (I keep coming back to look at these all the time)
  • 26. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (book)
  • Sketch book27. The word doodles that I learned from Tiff and love to do myself, specially since I bought a book for my own doodles now (for boring classes
  • 28. Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell (the book of course), inspired my not-yet-finished literature essay
  • 29. Ota Ha-Yam by Amoz Oz (I read it in Swedish where it is called Samma hav, in English The Same Sea)
  • 30. When a friend tells me that they’re impressed with what I’ve done/created
  • 31. Tonari no Totoro (anime movie)
  • 32. Traveling to new places where there is so much to explore (new markets, shops, museums, woods, streets, landscape, people, food), inspiration to express while traveling or to bring home as memories to discover further
  • 33. Used toys and dolls
  • 34. Lisa Vollrath
  • 35. Books by Tracy Chevalier
  • 36. Melanie’s magic art, site and specially her and her mothers shop at, and also Tine Wiggen’s energy, birds and beautiful shop
  • 37. People like Violette and Teesha that seams to have such a artful life at home and everywhere. I’m going this way with my life too I think. Eventually.
  • 38. Hemsljden (Swedish magazine about Swedish crafts) + their store
  • 39. The few Somerset Studio magazines that I’ve had a chance to read
  • 40. Going to the library and picking reading material at random in my favorite shelves
  • 41. Finding a new craft that I need to know everything about and then searching for that information
  • 42. Some of my friends just sparkle creative energy and when we talk about projects it daubs easy on me
  • Rose sketch by Hanna Andersson 43. Listening to interesting information while creating. Like Diane’s CraftPod, Jennifer’s CraftSanity and Mur’s I should be writing and now also Lisa’s Podcast and straight from China CandyCast! Lots of amazing inspiration there.
  • 44. Getting feedback on what I write and do
  • 45. Getting up from computer/book/project and fetching fresh coffee
  • 46. Looking at my own photos, in my albums and at flickr
  • 47. Writing lists of what to do today
  • 48. Journaling & blogging
  • 49. Starting to make a new art doll and following where she wants to go
  • 50. Finding tutorials online that I think I can use
  • 51. Favorite books of youth and childhood
  • 52. Mr Yamaguchi and his book 52 Projects (plus the website) where he in the end of the book lists 52 resources for inspiration that he likes and then challenge the reader to do the same. Which I did today!


Making a long list takes some time. But here we are. It really makes you look around and think, I love that about lists.

So why don’t you make a list too? It’s good for you. Consider yourself challenged, it a project for you – and please post bellow so I can find your list (shorter or longer) and get even more inspiration.

Happy weekend!