Studio Friday theme is By Accident. Tine says:

Whatever it may be that goes wrong from time to time be sure to embrace it and see it as the adventure and discovery that it actually is.

Accident softie called Urban

The accident softie is called Urban.

I made this teddy friend without a pattern, but from a picture I saw online when I first started to surf on crafty sites. I fell in love with a picture, and wanted to make a similar bear for me… But no luck, since there were no skills.

I actually made him about two years ago now, and I have had him in a box in the closet with fabrics until now.

I was angry, and disappointed. I knocked his head around. I named him Urban.

His ears was not big enough to show on the outside, his seams ripped open as I tried to turn the fabric (because I forgot about the importance of seam allowance) and the body and head is way too small once turned, not at all what I had in mind.

And what the heck is up with the rabbit teeth?

I hope he will make you smile, because he now makes me laugh. I could make a better bear now, I think. I’ve learned a lot since I made this thing by accident. I was trying something I had no clue how to execute or finish… Accidentally trying something, even though you don’t know how, is actually a great way to challenge yourself!

I think trying and experimenting is a great way to learn, even if it takes a couple of years to really get the lesson, or at least be willing to try again…