One million roses

Lots of thrifted roses!

Rose stampI’ve carved a rose stamp in linoleum. I don’t know yet how the stamped image will look, all I know is that I should not use sharp objects. Because my hands looks carved too now…

If there had been no bloodshed I would have made a leaf too!

Thrifted roses

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  1. The carving looks great!

    I’m taking a printmaking class right now and my hands have been permanently scarred! Argh! I know that heating the block is supposed to make it easier to carve, but my hands STILL bleed. Mostly, it’s my left hand – the one that I use to hold the block in place. I’ve got mirror image marks on my pointer finger of that hand, done about two minutes apart.

  2. girl, you gotta get the mastercarve block–cuts like butter!!!
    Hope your hand heals soon, I wanna see the stamped image!

  3. cute rose stamp! we had an artist at the center where i work who did an entire installation of roses – fabric, real, silkscreened – she silk screened roses onto industrial rolls of tyvek and wallpapered the gallery. it was very cool!

  4. Hanna, I hear ya on the bloodshed, I stabbed myself at least a couple of times when I was carving stamps, but it does get better with practice. And I agree with snowbear, I’d love to see the stamped image!

  5. Beautiful stamp! I bought some linoleum and the carving tool about a month ago, but still didn’t find the time to try it on.
    You should sit on the sheet for a while before you start carving. It warms it a little, and it should be carved more easily.

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