The Last Letter Home by Willhelm Moberg I’ve opened up the package that was wrapped for me in the store where I bought it (!) and started to use the spiral bound square notebook as my forth art journal! But I thought I needed more treats this week… So I went to the library for the first time in a couple of months. So fun!

I was searching for a book called Invandrarna in Swedish, because I just finished the first book in the series (Utvandrarna). I loved the first one! I have to keep on reading now, to see how the starving Christina and Carl Oscar, the emigrants from poor Sweden, will coop in the New World where they will settle as farmers. Will they prosper over there in the America?

If you have a connection to Scandinavia these classic books are a must read. And even if you haven’t I think you should give them a try. Plus, most of us have some relatives that immigrated to the US back in the days.

In English the first book is called The Emigrants, written by Vilhelm Moberg (denne gigant!), the giant himself. Read it, just read it, and see for yourself.

the second book is called Unto a Good Land, the third one Settlers and the fourth book, as shown above, is Last Letter Home. Read all of them.

From the library

After I found the book I was looking for I started to wander around the library, and brought home lots of books for inspiration and some about the process of creativity. Wow, I want to stay home all week to read these!