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Our Christmas was very red

After the bleach beach photos here comes some more christmassy red photos from my Christmas Eve, 24th of December 2006. Sparkly kid eyes and lots of candles as it should be, to much food and to long until it was time to open the presents… My parents in Thailand and ♥-P by my side. Related […]

Merry Christmas to all of you

I want to wish everyone who visit this blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Crafty Year! In Sweden we celebrate Christmas and open our presents on the 24th of December, so today is the day! With this post I want to thank everyone who has sent me e-mails though the year, with feedback, […]

Angels on Christmas cards

I finally had the time this week to make a couple of serene Christmas Cards, and sent them of in the last minute! I used some old craft cards with a Santa I didn’t like and hid him behind text from a book. On top of that I added angels that I’ve scanned, printed – […]

Angel Doll – with petticoats

I’ve been wanting to do more dolls this whole year, but only one has been completed, and that is because I had a deadline. Deadlines are great for people like me, that likes to procrastinate. This was for a contest/exhibition of angels that started the first of Advent. Related PostsWhat I Wore today Another Art […]

It’s a small world after all

I got my writing going for Jorun, a online friend’s Advent calendar, this year. You can view all the texts she received at the blog Life de luxe, but don’t bother if you don’t read Swedish very well. Related PostsPeak in the Art Journal: Orange Cat + Autumn Colors Smilla – the one and only […]

Romantic Bird Houses

I bought two small wooden bird houses in the beginning of this year. I love the shape of wood houses, symbols of home and home comfort. I adore any type of mini house. I’ve added the finishing touch to both of these wood houses: Vintage newspaper text and a printed postcard (backside). Plus I decoupaged […]

Collaged ladies

I feel I’ve not been productive enough with collage this year. I’ve crocheted, sewn, knitted and done lots of other stuff, but my collage art is not developing if I don’t make collages, mixed media and try new stuff on a regular bases. These two ladies I made a couple of weeks ago, and I […]

Christmas Fair in Olofsfors

It was raining yesterday, but today the sun was out for a while – but no snow in sight. Not even frost! I’m starting to long for the 25th of December when we are heading to the mountain cabin where there I’ll have lots of snow, a fireplace, my skis, porridge for breakfast and lovely […]

Brown rose bag

This is a simple little bag in recycled curtain fabric that I sewed together without a pattern, but with inspiration from Maria. I loooove this fabric, because I looove roses and brown is one of my favorite colours! Did you know? The lining is the same pattern as the outside; which makes it sturdy and […]