Thrifting at Myrorna

Thrifted yarn (green and orange)
Thrifted some yarn (green and orange).

Ah pew, a whole week end of shopping galore, mostly second hand though. Now it’s time to look through my finds! I love shopping with my mother. I love crafting with her. And I love her!

Myrorna Finds

At Myrorna with mom:

På Myrorna

Lots of trim, yarn and fabric of all sorts. My mother was looking for white and thin doilies to sew on a pair of jeans.

I wasn’t looking for anything, but found this:

RosesRosesBlue rose
Brown flowerDukLace thing

And a pair of beautiful mittens (orange too):
Lace thing and orange mittens

New hatDomi/>oMy cuppa

More Thrifting yes?

Did you get enough thrifting this weekend for now? If not, here are some other options:

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  1. Ooooh! Such wonderful treasures! I’ve filled my house with them…nothing better than discovering something that someone feels is Junk and with just a little love and care, it becomes a masterpiece with a new life! Love the mittens! oxox

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