In dark times, illuminate! /iHanna

Right now the sunrise is about eight in the morning, and then the sun sets at two o’clock in the afternoon. I’ts quite dark around here really, and most people miss the sun compleatly when they work indoors each weekday. Therefor we are such suckers for lights, and today it’s 1th of Advent. I’ve cleaned up this place a bit – and set up a Advent candlestick:

Advent candlestick

In town there is a light festival this year any way, with lots of lights directed on houses, ice sculputres and trees around town. It’s very beautiful and makes walking in the afternoon a more pleasent experience. Here are two of my favourits:
Light tree
A tree sculpture is set up in the middle of town, and it slowly changes colour from white to lilac to blue to orange… Way cool.

And this is a fountain sculpture by Stig Lindberg, a cool artist who made lots of beautiful ceramics:
Stig Lindberg fontain
The fish fontain is one of my favourit sculptures in this town, and now it’s illuminated with green light, and when you pass it you here strange funny sounds, almost like they were trying to say something. Sorry for the blurry photos, but like I said, it’s dark times right now.

Have a great Advent people!