ShrinkyDink Surprise

This weekend we were away from home, visiting friends. No time for craft, but…

We were mostly in the forest, enjoying the autumn weather that still is very nice here. I did my artist date collecting things from the forest:
I’m on week twelve (last one) of the course of the Artist’s Way now!

And then on Sunday we went shopping, me and Maria. Oh, what fun to go shoping with someone that likes to look at the same things as you do. Craft stuff, note books, canvases and art supplies! I got cheap glue sticks, a small key cabinet in brown wood with a littel glas door and a beautiful white frame in shabby chick style! We went to a place called Dollarstore where almost everything is cheap!

Here are some other stuff I got:
Bought at Dollarstore

I also got plastic boxes with pink lids and a pink plastic bowl that I just love love love. And this week I got even more goodies, from Melanee, it was sent in this colourfull box:
Super ShrinkyDink packet

ChristmascardsGot lots of emphemera, vintage photos, old christmas cards and magazine pages, plus a little book that Mel wants me to finish and send back. That will be a fun project!

Letter stampsIt contained a lot of suprices, and this cool set of letter stamps that she promised me when I was whining about that I didn’t have any letters at all. They are so sweat and small! Wow!

I also got a lot of glitter (don’t know what paljetter might be called in english), a couple that might get married and a little pin cushion Mel made, plus two animal stamps (love the bird!):
Getting married
Thank you Melanee, I got it on a day that I needed them, and I’m so thankfull to you. Will send stuff back, promise!

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  1. omg, those beads in photo #2 are *gorgeous*!! I wish we had cool fabric and craft stores where I live :( you’re lucky if you can find plain buttons here *cry*

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