Nalle-BobThe story of Nalle-Bob started when Robin was born. When Felix parents saw Robin they put a home- crocheted bear on the wish list for their unborn child, one made by aunt Hanna of course.

So this summer, while in France, a blue bear was crocheted. My first commissioned work I think. He has been living with me since this summer, but now when I finally found the right size of eyes for him (oh, well, kind of) , he has left the building to live next door, with his new best friend, Felix.

Nalle-Bob detailHe is about 30 cm high, has brown eyes and blue ears. He has a very bright pink nose and is kind of heart. He keeps smiling, and was very pleased when Felix mother named him Nalle-Bob, a very appropriate name for this little guy (nalle is Swedish for teddy bear, Bob is just a perfect name for anything in our family).

Thank you for all your comments on the Lost and found creativity post below – I will have to come back to this interesting subject!