This is the binder that I’m using the ring binder register in! I’ve collaged the outside too:

Front cover.

The binder is for school work, and since I’m studying to become a journalist I thought it would be fun to collage the binder with newspaper headlines and advertisement. The clippings are both from new newspapers and from one magazine from about 1940. The advertisement in those days are beautiful!

Backside of the cover.

Front inside
Inside of the front cover, just random clippings, and a picture of my mother at her work.

How I made this?

1. find newspaper you like and cut/tear it out
2. use decoupage glue/lacquer
3. take a paintbrush and paint on the cover of the binder, ad your clippings and then paint on top of you clippings too (for sturdiness)
4. let dry
5. I fastened the edge of the collage with a green adhesive tape so that it will not tear when using the binder.