Here is a detail of my painting:


I keep calling this painting my Mondrian even though it’s painted by me, Hanna, and not Mondrian himself! If I could afford a Mondrian I wouldn’t buy one anyway, hehe!

Mondrian by me

I made mine in pink, even though Mondrian is red-blue-yellow, and I also used some bits of text (with paint on) and used some tape on it, because I liked this tape a lot.

More pink, a rose by my bed:


I love the colour of this rose, pale pink, almost white. Beautiful. There is something magic with roses, and how they look. They smell wonderful and looks so sweet and innocent, yet they can sting! The form of them is like a labyrinth – maybe a metaphor for life and all it’s joys and difficulties? Swirling round and round, until one day, the leafs starts to fall to the ground and the flower withers away. Just like we all will, one day.