Let me present to you my very first finished quilt:
Baby blue boy quilt
It’s a blue baby quilt. Each square is 15 x 15 cm.

I’m so glad I finished this gift in good time. It’s about two weeks until it’s recipient is born, and I will become an aunt (no, it’s not my 13 year old brother who will be a father but luckily my boyfriends sister who is 28)! I hope this blanket will be the foundation for many creative napping moments while the baby grows and develops. Something home made for a new one.

Detail of the backside
I think it was difficult to quilt the patches to the thick stuffing and the backside. I had to un-stitch (sprätta) the whole seam across the blanket several times, since it was bubbly and ugly. And as you can see there are several uneven areas left on it, but most of them is on the light blue backside, so I hope the baby won’t mind. The border is striped and at the backside I hand-stitched it to the blanket.

This post was part of Studio Friday and this week the theme is: Creative Napping. Why not under a baby quilt?

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