Thrifting, bargaining and looking for second hand stuff is like being on a treasure hunt. It’s so exciting because you never know what you’ll find, where you’ll find it and what you’ll pay for it…

Going into a regular shop you will know if they carry clothes or food, and you’ll have an idea of what you will come out with and how much you’ll have spent. Going into a big flea market with lots of brown boxes with junk you have no idea!

What will today’s digging bring?

From Myrorna

Going there you need a open mind and some cash, but finding the good stuff is not about spending but about ingenuity!

Going Treasure Hunting

Where could you put this tin box? What will you put in it? Or, if you like the form but not the colour, how can you alter, decoupage or paint it so that it will be a perfect present or piece in your home? Or sew on it? Hmm… The hunt for treasures is so much fun and can be very exiting too, in the right place. If you are looking for material to craft a flea market is like a gold treasure on an hidden island! (We don’t have garage sales in Sweden, but I guess I’d find great stuff there too if I ever could go to one).

The best part by going in a car through our oblong country is that there is plenty of signs that says loppis by the roads. I just wish I were always travelling with someone who said Yes! when I ask if we can stop instead of the compulsory sigh. *sigh*

But while on the road, and around my town, with my mother last week, it was lots of fun! I got new white flowerpots for next to nothing, a little pile of embellishment junk that I’m planning to use on a collage painting or two soon. A book about felt making and wool that my mother nicked and some other stuff I can’t even remember. But it was fun, so fun! I’m gonna make a post about our house changes (small but important) that we’ve made this month soon. Wait and see.

My treasure hunting finds

I went treasure hunting at Myrorna this week. This is my finds (see picture at the top of the post for my pile of):
A paperback book by Susan Sontag (have you read her? I haven’t yet), a halterneck tank top in brown with red and orange flowers (hoping for some last days of summer!), a duvet cover with pink dog roses, a see-through fabric in green, blue and pinks (no idea where to use this fabric), an old school book for 3 SEK (paper!), a white long zipper and a little table cloth flowery thing for cutting up in some way. It was a good day.

Happy thrifting everybody!