A Lady with Dreams of becoming a star

Art journal page, in blue.

Lady with dreams of being a star

Climbing up the ladder, dreaming of becoming a star, this lady is in her swimsuit, afraid of the dark night.

Collage and acrylic paint.

7 Responses

  1. i dig, dig, dig it. i think i like (what looks like dark green) the splotches of alternative color all over it, like the darkness attempting to creep in. but it doesn’t look like the darkness is bad, something to be afraid of. and yet, she is ….

    thought provoking for me this saturday!

  2. OhMygod. That is SOOOOO beatiful!
    I?m most def no art connoisseur, but I lovelovelove Lady with dreams of becoming a star.
    Just go girl! Beautify the world with your smart and pretty art!

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