Help with the buttonholes

When my mom was here we got the sewing machine out and she helped me sew buttonholes into my home made duvet covers. The sheets didn’t stay in place, but with a row of buttons that is so beautiful it will be much easier to keep the bed in order.

Mom helping me out

I sewed them in
I picked some different vintage buttons and sewed them in this week, under the buttonholes that mom made. I know how to sew buttonholes, but it was much easier this way, hihi. If you are doing a similar project I recomend the buttons, they were the last dot over the i to finish it off. I want to do a second set soon.

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  1. I really need to learn how to do this myself. There is a real technical side to sewing huh? Unfortunately I shy away from most things technical. But I guess it is a matter of just sitting down and learning to do it – the second time is always easier. Pretty buttons by the way!

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