Postage stamps is Miniatyre Art

Maybe I should be collecting stamps? I’ve always loved images of all kinds, and there is something so fascinating with the miniature artwork of stamps with their history of information around.

Here are a small stamp pile I got for almost nothing at
Pile of stamps

I bought them for collage purposes, but they inspire me too. Maybe I should frame them? Or make bigger paintings of them? Or add them to flickr? Or just keep them in the little plastic bag they came in and take them out one by one and really look at them? Or make a post card and send it away with a little stamp on? Or…

Which of these is your favorite?

Crow bird stamp

Small bird stamp

Officer stamp

Red flower stamp

Train stamp

I like all of these a lot.

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  1. Underbara frimärken! Jag har själv blivit “smittad” av tradera och köpt en hel del frimärken där.

    Jag har kollat på din sida hur många gånger som helst men kom på idag att jag har faktiskt aldrig lämnat någon kommentar. Jag gillar verkligen alla dina collage och trading cards. Jag håller själv på att grejja med ATC och lite annat smått och gott fast jag byter mest på

    Hur som helst…jag skulle lägga min röst på “the officer stamp” för det var så detaljrikt och vackert.

    Ha en härlig helg! :)

  2. I adore all your new stamps– saw them on Flickr. My faves are the red flowers and that comical crow. Stamps are one of my favorite collage elements too :)

  3. Hi, I’ve been enjoying your blog. It was fun reading about the different things you have posted. I think my favorite part was the flea market, but I liked it all. I was looking forward to seeing your crazy quilt things, but couldn’t find the photos. I have made crazy quilt items for years, but not as often now that I’m crazy about paper crafts like journaling and altered books. I found your blog from reading your letter to gluebooks.

  4. Kul att se att du gillar frimärkena! Hoppas du kommer över “ångesten” och helt enkelt vågar börja använda dom!

    Får man inte rösta på dom andra frimärkena? För min favorit ?är geten! Men av dom där 5 får jag väl välja kråkan.

    Ha det bra!

  5. i love the crow bird stamp! it’s so cute! =)

    i’d probably arrange them all on a card and slip it into a plastic sleeve, and stick the sleeve on a page in my journal. that way, it’s sort of displayed, but i’d still be able to take them out and really look at them =) enjoy your stamps!

    — ian =)

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