Summer breakfast
My breakfast this morning. I love summer days!

I read about Myra’s flea market challenge after breakfast this morning, just as I got to my mothers house today and we headed to our favorite summer places and got down to some real find hunting in the sun! I don’t need a challenge to go to flea markets, but with this in my head I think I did some good haggling today and got home very pleased with life!

I started yesterday, as we were heading for my parents where our holiday started. I bought some vintage photos for 20 SEK and then found a big pile of fabric (old table clothes and so on) with a sign saying: “fabric for free!). So I got some fins there, for nothing:

Old photos

So here are todays finds from Snedbro loppis, everything for about 230 SEK:

Lace and stuff
Ribbon and lace.

Paper decoration
Paper rolls with angels and roses for collage (not enough for wall decoration anyway).

Summer fabric
Love this fabric!

Plastic pearls
Two jars of plastic pearls for 20 SEK! Whoohoo! A t-shirt for my boyfriend, a fun note pad with different kinds of papers in and some playing cards to use for ATC cardstock.

Match boxes
A bag of about 100 matchboxes for 10 SEK.

Sewing kit
An old knitting magazine, a sewing kit for summer travels, blue yarn and a address thing (my grandmother had one and I remember playing with it as a child). Fun!

En svensk tiger
Playing cards with the Swedish tiger on each back (love him!) and a tin with the text “camping” (appropriate for this summers doings).

Skna hem

Five new home decoration magazines for 10 sek.

Romantic stuff
An embroidered rose (lovely!) that might become something else later, a chocolate tin for storage – and vintage cupboard decoration paper.

Two empty vintage photo albums to play with/in this winter.

Kitsch tin can and plastic cat
And some real kitschy stuff, or what do you say about a green plastic cat that I just liked and bought. Don’t know what to do with it at all…

Small balls of yarn
Small skeins of yarn – this whole pile for 20 SEK!

Some thrifted finds
And the last photo of todays finds: another tin, some embroidery floss yarn and little stuff to use in the art journal.

And mom’s favorite find:
Mom's find
A box of thread! And this:
Mom's finds

What a great day!