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Mohair Dream in mauve

I’ve crocheted a shawl in Dream Mohair yarn, two different mauve colors (not at all my favorite color): Very fussy yarn, not willing to cooperate at all! I was really trying to kill it when I had to frog some rows and it got stuck inside it self all the time. Stupid, I muttered and […]

Lady in red

One day in june, I was crafty at home. Belive it or not: With iPod music in my ears I knitted some on the balcony, and sewed some on the kitchen table. I sewed curtains for the buss, in ugly thick fabric that won’t let the light through. JB’s choise. Here is a closer look […]

Wee sweetie

I’ve crocheted this little sweetie! I think it’s a cat, mom says it’s a bear and my brother don’t know. What do you think? Related PostsGranny Square Scarf in pink Tea party in Wonderland Another white bunny


I forgot this in yesterdays post, we also went to this place before Snebro loppis: It’s a cute little cabin where the poor lived in older days, hence Fattigstugan. They sell vintage stuff and some new stuff that looks old here, and the set up inside is super nice. This is what I got there: […]

Flea Market Challenge

My breakfast this morning. I love summer days! I read about Myra’s flea market challenge after breakfast this morning, just as I got to my mothers house today and we headed to our favorite summer places and got down to some real find hunting in the sun! I don’t need a challenge to go to […]

ATC Glory & Joy

Last week was slow mail wise, but this week I got a parcel from Mimi and these ATC’s from around the world! Beautiful pieces of art to enjoy! Thank you girls – I love them all! Two fun ATC:s from the Anne-Floor in the Netherlands: painted Klimt, traded via flickr. Klimt is a great artist, […]

Goodies from Mimi Kirchner

Mimi Kirchner of the blog Doll (who creates dolls that looks like little vintage children) was giving away some fabric that she didn’t need. I think it was found at her mother’s attic – it still has a distinct smell of that intriguing and musty attic air… I was quick and got the best package, […]

Bird in the hand

I don’t do a page in my art journal every day now, not at all. How could I when I want to crochet, write and go for walks in the sun too? And I have made artist trading cards like a mad girl! Also trying to write my essay in between… But occasionally I do […]