my iPod
Around Easter I got my Pink iPod from Apple Store. I didn’t know why I would need one, but my boyfriend told me I really needed one and now that I got it I know I do. It is so great to listen to music while walking, or audio books, wich I’m really into right now. And isn’t it cute?

And really, it’s true – belive it or not: I was out jogging the other day (!) and now my legs are killing me. I can’t remember that aches [from excessive exercise] could feel like this. But hey, they (the ones who knowes) tell’s me that it shouldn’t be as bad the second time… And with the help of strong will, iPod music (that keeps the panting out of ear sight) and some hip hurray for a good girl like me I migth just do that second jogging round of the year… any day now… any day.