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A cupboard of joy

Photos from above: I took this photo when my friend Ellinor and I was creating on the balcony today. I’m really pleased with the photo, because it’s fun. It’s taken from above, which mean I was standing on a chair when I took it. It’s an awesome photo trick. Try it sometime, you will discover […]

Time for bed

A couple of weeks ago I sewed together some pink fabric and made four pillow cases! This weekend it was time to make the matching shabby chic duvet covers. I used second hand bed fabric as material, so the whole project was about 65 SEK (about 9 dollars) for two duvet covers. The material was […]

Street heart

If your are in Stockholm on a weekend, be sure to visit the new market Street. Mom and I went there yesterday and wow! Super cool stuff. I bought secondhand dresses (2 beautiful; both pink – one was from the 60:ths, Jackie Kennedy-style!) and got lots of inspiration from home sewn bags, jewelery, clothes, papercraft […]