Red rose fabricI though I would sew more this year, but then I started art journaling… But maybe I will do some sewing too?

There were no room for this second hand red rose fabric in the closet, so I had to make something out of it – fast!

I made a bag without a pattern, and my habbit faithfull I made it extra big not to make it to smal (so that I wouldn’t fit in everything I need to bring)… Even bigger than the knitting bag and the Dunder-carrier bag!

Big red bag made by Hanna
To big for shopping but I think it will be usefull for all the extra stuff we always bring when going skiing. All that stuff that we remember when the bags are packed into the car: like sheets, art material, knitting stuff, wine bottles and a pile of books to read that was hiding under the bed.

The lining is pink of course
The lining is pink (what else?), with two small inside pockets. On the outside I’ve sewn a brown pocket in the same corduroy as on the edge trimming.