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Maybe stamps is not that funny my friend still thinks. But maybe if you’d made them yourself, huh? On a theme – or I would like to follow Perrella’s suggestion on stamp making and design a cool pattern (roses!) that you can use and reuse on your entire collaged page!

But, for now I’m surfing and reading. Can’t start a new hobby on a Friday!

Julie on stamp carving and at the blog rainwalker/sunstroler you’ll find some stamps carved out of rubber eraser! She links to some further reading: Soft Block how to-information.

And as a newbie you should go check out the information on The Carving Consortium page! A lot of reading there!

Wanna look at more art journaling? Can one ever get enough of this?

Visit Kate and you’ll have a couple of admiration hours ahead (don’t miss her photos, this is one of my favorites)! So beautiful, makes me want to stick my head in the sand. Have to remember I’m a newbie!

Swedish: Hur man gör en egen stämpel i linolium! Jag vill!

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