Don’t let me out! Don’t let me go to town or even visit Tradera.

I’m in a buying frenzy right now. Where ever I go, I shop. Cheap stuff, mostley second hand. But in the long run, that adds up. And I’ve been shoping on the net to, both a special yarn kit for a lot of euros (picture and information as soon as it arrives) and new books and one second hand for school. Phew, and I’m still bidding on Tradera!

This is just todays bargains:
The University Library was weeding out duplicates for 10 SEK each when I passed there this morning. What could I do but to take some of them home?

And after eating lunch in town with a friend I visited G?van (Pingstkyrkans second hand) and found these::
Just for me!

Here is a close up on one of the ribbins that costed 2 SEK each. It’s pink rabbits! Maybe I’ll sew something for easter after all?

And since I found a great book at the library, called Shabby chic by Rachel Ashwell (that I had to borrow even though my rucksack was heavy!), I felt inspired to bring this to my home:
A big bowl with roses on
A big porcelain bowl with beutiful roses on. I just love it, don’t you?