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Dark red silk and sunshine

Shopoholic, who me? Schy! Don’t tell my mom that I’ve been shopping more fabric! After working a couple of hours at my father in laws gallery shop selling paintings today I went to town and did a shopping tour through our little town. At the biggest fabric store in town it was 70 % off […]

Inspiration | Make your own Stamp

Maybe stamps is not that funny my friend still thinks. But maybe if you’d made them yourself, huh? On a theme – or I would like to follow Perrella’s suggestion on stamp making and design a cool pattern (roses!) that you can use and reuse on your entire collaged page! But, for now I’m surfing […]


Over at the very wonderfull site Wee wonderfuls I found a post about scrapbooking that describes exactly my feeling about this hobby, and a post where the comments is actually worth reading coz’ they are funny! ;-) And today I found a to me new site called the soul of hope who is runned by […]

Trend wool

Today is the starting date of the Great Book Sale that every reading person in Sweden waits for like Christmas day! I had, like so many other times, no intention to buy anything… I was only going to look… Haha, look at books is no fun. I bought a book (S?mnadsboken) about sewing in different […]

Raspberry Socks

This pair of socks is releated to my gingerbread sock, finished in december last year. The yarn is the same, Opal, and I call them my Raspberry socks (hallonsockar!). The difference now is I’m more experinced, and the Raspberry socks are a little longer (because it was a lot of yarn left on the skein […]

Pink water

I love my Valentine present from P. He gave me this beutiful water bottle from Nalgene. It’s perfect in size and color, for school and other shorter trips. And the drinking water gets all pink! How can you get dehydrated when you carry this thing around?! This is a picture of my working space right […]