I visited Gunga Din for the first time when shopping in Stockholm after Christmas. A small shop with lots of great colors on whool.

I bought six different beautiful bright colors of their 2-threaded whool (pink, yellow, green, dark green, black and beige) for our knit-a-long-sock knitalong starting on the 15:th of january (soon)! Valentina has started a great site for this, and if you would like to join, just give me your e-mail and I?ll invite you to join that blog!

All the yarn in a bag
These are my colors still in the bag.

Me with my whool for long socks
Me petting the yarn. Photo by my brother.

Three skeins

Me and my mother in front of the news on TV
My mother is knitting in the background, I’m using here equipment for my new yarn. I don’t know what it’s called in english?

I?m so looking forward to starting knitting them, but now that I ?ve bought all this whool, I?m not sure if it?s a good material for long socks? Will it itch? Maybe it’s not soft enough for long socks?

Should I save these and try to get a softer whool material? Please give me advice! What would you do? I really like these colors, and they were quite expensive to? What to do?