Paper craft is so fun, because it’s easy and the material is just under your nose!

Home made cards
Made a couple of gift cards with cut out hearts from a magazine, inspired by Susan (thanks!) and my fathers garden, the most beautiful garden of all. Sent one of them to him, on fathers day!

Look who got framed!Just got a beautiful big golden frame with flower ornaments from my father in law, or more like I asked him and said pleeease? and then he gave it to me. P’s already hung it in the living room, where it goes very well with the old desk lamp in shiny metal. I’m going to make a paper collage out of magazines as soon as I finish up a couple of other projects! Collage is great therapy and fun! I used to do a lot of them when I was younger.

Writing bookI bought a ugly writing book this summer, witch I’m now using as a pad for creative writing in school. But it is so much more fun to write in beautiful pad, so when I got a parcel from a guy at Tradera with lots of great stamp and my name (+address) I wrapped the book in this brown paper – and voila!

Speaking of the Tradera site, I put out höcker (CD-books in Swedish) and a couple of other things this week. Cross your fingers for nice bids on my auctions!