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Dear Photo Diary

I havne’t been at home at all this weekend, since I take the class Skapande svenska (creative writing) at the university. It is so great and inspiring. I just want to see all these good stories as books (finished stories at least) – soon – some day. Here is a picture of my kitchen curtain […]

My library is getting organized

A couple of weeks before Lind & Co sent me Living with books in Swedish (witch I mentioned yesterday) I decided to rearrange the books I own, and that’s a lot of books even though I constantly give away. In my last apartment I had three bookshelfs put together against one wall, but since we […]

My cuddly Bluebear

When my mother was visiting she helped me interpret a japanese pattern so that I, with my limited experience in sewing, could put the peaces in the pattern together correct. The result was Mr Bluebear, with no real purpose in this world other than to be cuddly. This weekend I gave him eyes and a […]

A small book to keep needles in

I made a needle book for my mother in the technic crazy quilting, wich I plan to write more about here soon. I made it with fabric scraps my mother have given to me, so the colours and patterns (love em’) were no suprise, but so were the gift. I really like how it came […]


This yarn is 100 % machine washable soft acrylic, wonderful soft with a two tone effect wintergreen, 50 gram ? 19 SEK at Hemflit. Mum helped me decide and choose, and also alter a swedish pattern to make a sweater similar to Banff. I’ll knit it with two threads togehter to make it thick. Stiches […]

Viva Vintage by Trudie Bamford

I just love vintage, second hand or what ever you like to call it. Vintage is actually not just second hand-old. According to the book Viva vintage by Trudie Bamford that I found at the library, it’s like this: antique clothing is earlier than 1920s, vintage covers 1920 to 1980 retro clothing is post 1960 […]

New old stuff

One of my favorite things found in a flea market this Sunday is this adorable green runner with pink and mauve roses on. I just love it! I was 5 SEK and looks great in the big window just in front of my desk. Most of the fabric I find I plan to cut up […]

Knitty Free Patterns for winter

I found Banff in the great online magazine Knitty . It’s exactly what I want to knit right now. Something cozy, varm, big, mellow to do. So even if it’s from last year I want to wear it this winter, coming up fast with winds and painting the trees yellow outside. The Banff pattern, found […]

Popcorn day and knitting class

Who is Elfriede Jelinek? I do not know! But maybe that is what’s so great about the Nobel Price in Litterature. In a few days everybody will know something about this Elfie! I have been knitting all day. And yesterday was the first class in the knitting course I’m taking right now. Here are a […]