Crocheting my Very First Shawl

I biked to town to buy yarn. I have decided I do not want to be a craft collector, but a crafter – a user, someone who uses her stash. But sometimes you really need to go buy something, so I did buy new yarn for this project.

And I’m really happy with this yarn, just look at the color:


I also bought some light pink ribbon yarn, and then seven skeins of this magenta pink yarn called Cotton Viscose, from Hemflit here in Umeċ. They were very helpful even though it felt like I spent for ever in front of the shelves trying to pick something I could 1) afford and 2) would love using and 3) had a pattern for before investing in it…


I’m invited to a wedding this summer, and I have decided that I am going to make a cute little shawl to have around my shoulders… I found a free pattern online, ,and set of to work on it. It’s not going well. Not at all. It’s going all to hell, and I’m pretty sure the pattern is screwing with my mind.

Not sure if I should chuck it all out, or try (a third) time to get the first few rows looking like something wearable, and not something the cat spit out…

2 Responses

  1. Well I realize that I got into a section that was not all in english, so therfore I guess I can’t ask for the pattern on those cute coffee cup matts. I have never seen that pattern on something that small. I wish I could have it if at all possible, I would appreciate it. The shawls were pretty too.

    Thank You,