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Book Wish List starts with Encyclopedia of Rainbows

What’s on your wish list this year? Right now I wouldn’t mind getting a pile of yummy books, in fact I have a long list of books I’m asking Santa for. Or anyone kind and generous enough to send me … Continue reading

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Creativity Book Wish List | Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way

I wish had the energy to draw every day, or paint… And I wish I had time to read more. Actually, I wish I could buy and read all the books. I really do, at least the ones on the … Continue reading

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iHanna’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Artists and Creatives

We’re in the best season for list writing so I put together a little list for you that might be useful when you go shopping next. In my very modest way I’m simply calling it the Ultimate Gift Guide for … Continue reading

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List Prompt: Places I Dream of visiting

It’s time for the third list prompt in the List Journal (intro here), and this time we’re focusing on something I haven’t done much of lately; traveling. I’ve been doing a bit of work related travel around Sweden, but not … Continue reading

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My visual wish-list

I’ve put together a Visual Wish List on Pinterest, trying only to add things that I would really like to own. I notice that there is a lot of pink, as usual, but also quite a few bags. Not sure … Continue reading

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Fabric Art Books I want – wish list

I love both collage and patchwork, maybe the ultimate thing for me will be exploring both these topics together creating mixed media fabric art? So I want some new books on collage and also these, books on fabric art: Collage … Continue reading

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Mixed Media Art Books – wish list

There are so many nice new books out right now! These are just a few I’ve got on my wish list that I thought I’d tell you about. I get inspiration from just looking at these beautiful covers, I bet … Continue reading

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Visual Wish List for Christmas 2009 (pink)

My wee cousin did a visual Wish List for Christmas this year. It drove her poor mom mad as there were no directions on where to buy anything, just “inspiration” in green. I was inspired to make my own, and … Continue reading

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Books about Mixed Media, Art quilts & Art Journaling

So many new and precious books coming out right now! I can’t chose! Right now I’m very close to ordering the book The Creative Entrepreneur (A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real) by cool author Lisa Sonora Beams … Continue reading

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Pens and journals are always on my wish list

Winter delight! So what is a fountain pen then? A pen filled from an external source and containing an ink reservoir that automatically feeds the writing point. [From Answers.com that has a great article about The History of the fountain … Continue reading

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