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A Heart that Sparkles

We shouldn’t pay attention to whether our words have any influence, whether anyone listens to us. The most important thing is to remain faithful to the beauty as long as we live; to love it so as not to worry … Continue reading

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Eye Candy | Pink Starlight

Eye candy time! It’s a snowy and cold Sunday here, and I’m looking at the starlight in the window again, the one I light myself. You might have seen it in my instagram feed before or in my Dear Photo … Continue reading

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A Postcard from Venice

If you follow me on instagram or flickr you might have noticed that this week I spent a few days in Venice, Italy. And it was beyond word marvelous! It’s been a few years since I was abroad last on … Continue reading

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Creative Snapshots | A Nip in the Air

My pot of Rosary Vine, also known as “String of Hearts”, is overflowing right now. I must be doing something right with all my indoor plants, because they seem happy even though it’s getting chillier outside. Please follow and like:Related … Continue reading

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In my window: Lupins

One of the simplest joys of summer is to pick wild flowers – and bring them home… …to keep the other tamed plants company. Please follow and like:Related PostsHow to make your Art Journal Page Bloom Summer is for photographing … Continue reading

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Smilla – the one and only

I have been unfaithful with another cat, I admit it. But in my heart you are still my favorite, Smilla. Always. Please follow and like:Related PostsFrom a cats point of view A few collages One sky above us

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A Jar of Creativity

We know what we are, but know not what we may be… William Shakespeare In a recent comment someone asked about the content of that jar in my window. It’s filled with creativity of course!* Cooking up your own concoction … Continue reading

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Creativity in Snapshots

That moment when we tilt our heads thats the moment we can climb out of culture and into innovation. We are on the verge of making something new. Grant McCracken (Culturematic, page 12) I enjoy knitting, drawing, embroidery, photography … Continue reading

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Home Comforts: Ivy greenery

An important part of a cozy home is the greenery, don’t you agree? The indoor greenery makes a room feel like a home and not a naked hotel room. Some plants in your home will create a warmer and more … Continue reading

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What to Do during April Weather times

The lost Bear that Karen made, is sitting in the window looking out. One day when it was snowing outside, she thought to herself: I think I will stay in and make art! Please follow and like:Related PostsA Favorite Method … Continue reading

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