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How to make a Washi Tape Sampler

I have been collecting washi tape for a few years now, but I still remember the first couple of rolls I got and what an amazing invention I thought patterned tape was. It’s like stickers, but on a “never ending” … Continue reading

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Cute Stuff for Journalers and Stationary Addicts

I made my first Etsy Haul Video (scroll down to watch it). In it I am sharing some kawaii stuff that we Journalers and Stationary Addicts like. Pens, cute washi tape and a pack of stickers. It is not a … Continue reading

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Can new washi tape make you Happy?

True confession time: I balance between knowing that you can’t buy happiness, and then doing it anyway at times. Yes, spending money on “things” can make a girls mood lift, just like doodling can. Some shop for clothes or shoes, … Continue reading

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Art Journal Peek: Find your Passion

When you find your passion, keep at it! That’s what I wrote on that little label in my Art Journal. I believe in it. And it sounds easy, but it’s not. Especially if you’re anything like me, and are passioned … Continue reading

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Sew Sweet Valentine Cards

Hi sweet one! If you are following me via instagram you know it’s #valentinecraftweek in my life right now. Now that I’m diving into it I get the feeling that I am in the right place, doing the right thing. … Continue reading

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Yellow like the Sun in Artsyville

The Artsyville special design tape is yellow. And awesome. I so love it! And I think yellow is my new favorite colour, at least this summer. I think yellow is perfect in the summer, don’t you agree? So warm, happy … Continue reading

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Evidence Pages: More Washi Tape

Oh-la-la! Beautiful rolls of decorative masking tape (called washi tape) and ordinary plastic tape but with colour or pattern (called deco tape). Yes. I’ve splurged on several rolls of tape, as previously mentioned. I really like this stuff because it’s … Continue reading

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List Prompt: Washi Tape Favorites

It’s Saturday and time for another list prompt in the List Journal. But can you make a list out of anything? Want the story behind the List Journal and the fun colaboration that Tammy and I are doing? Check out … Continue reading

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Washi tape Ideas

It’s Week in the Life (read more about it here) and I am full on documenting my life. I notice how fun it is, but also how beautiful my life is. How much I get out of each day: sounds, … Continue reading

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Evidence Pages

An evidence page is a page in your Art Journal or notebook where you break out new stuff! An Evidence Page is a way to document new art materials. Try it out, make a kind of sampler page to get … Continue reading

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