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Summer time crafting

One of my favorite creative habits in summer is mom and me craft-time. Well, it’s a favorite any time of the year but in summer we often set up camp in the veranda of my parents house. If it’s a … Continue reading

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Summer breakfast

I will add “eat more fresh berries” to my Summer Manifesto. They are lovely, and not only in taste but in how they look and make me feel inside. It’s easy to forget that it is right now that I … Continue reading

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Summer Manifesto

New tradition: to write a Summer Manifesto. A Summer Manifest is a list of ideas about summer, and what your summer should be about or include. On my list I’ve put bike rides, writing when it’s raining and baking among … Continue reading

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Art journal peek: On butterfly wings

A page in my Art Journal: On butterfly wings. Pencil, pen and watercolours. It’s one of the last white pages in my current art journal, and it’s no longer white. Maybe I will fill the last pages this weekend? I … Continue reading

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Happy Summer 5 x 5 Lists

I decided to make my own titles and write five summer inspired lists today, as a meme of sorts… If you feel like tagging along, then you’re it! :-) 5 favorite things this summer 1. wonderful live music under the … Continue reading

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The summer light makes it beautiful

There is nothing ugly; I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may, light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful. John Constable Please follow and like:Related PostsMy … Continue reading

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June, the empress of the year

The empress of the year, the meadows’ queen, Back from the East, with all her goodly train, Is come, to glorify the world again With length of light and middle Summer-Sheen. In every plot, upon her throne of green, Bright … Continue reading

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I go out and feel alright

I’ve got sunshine on my mind I go out and feel alright The rainy clouds are gone away And this is why I feel this way Strawberries in a bowl, fresh from the garden patch. Flowers growing so high I … Continue reading

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Book review | Wherever You Go, There You Are

Mindfulness of breathing is one string on which the beads of perceptions, our impulses, our understanding, our very consciousness can be threaded. The necklace created is something new – not a thing really, but a new way of seeing, a … Continue reading

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Lemonade or as we say blandsaft

Mom has made red lemonade from a mix of red berries. We call it blandsaft, which means mixed fruit lemonade. I’ve designed the labels in Adobe InDesign and printed them on sticker paper that we cut out. Summer is the … Continue reading

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