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Art Journal Peek: Flying Elephants and More

An Art Journal Can be filled with just about Anything, and the rules you set up for yourself are there to help guide you towards your next page. If you don’t feel like following your own rules, then just ignore … Continue reading

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Maneki Neko Sketch

Sitting in the shade with my Art Journal and a high glass of iced coffee. Dipping my paintbrush in water and painting with a mostly unused colour (ochre) in my paint box of watercolours. Swirling it around, making pools of … Continue reading

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Soft and faded photography

Swirly and fun embroidery on the table cloth. Spring light in the window. Please follow and like:Related PostsHandmade Mail Art for iHanna 365 Collages | Week 39 – Painted Paper Edition The happiness bus

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Acorn & friends living a still life

Still life n., pl. still lifes. 1. Representation of inanimate objects, such as flowers or fruit, in painting or photography. 2. A painting, picture, or photograph of inanimate objects. Empty pixie hats. Yellowing in September. Impressive seeds from that impressive … Continue reading

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Window stilleben / still life

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