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Custom Sketchbooks from Art Journal Pages

I have three beautiful custom sketchbooks in my possession. I picked painted art journal pages of my own as cover art, and I am in love with these blank books. Today I’m sharing a video review of them, including a … Continue reading

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Going back to basics with your Artwork

Going back to basics today! When you take a longer break from your main art practice, it is sometimes hard to find your way back into the well known and comfortable making of art… You want to find your way … Continue reading

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The Sketchbook Project | Last Pages in the Grids & Lines sketchbook

I filled this red Moleskine sketchbook with “mostly collage and questions” about grids and lines, which was my theme. Today’s post is the last one about this sketchbook also known as “the Sketchbook Project sketchbook”. I almost get nostalgic while … Continue reading

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the Sketchbook Project | Creating with masking tape

Can you “paint” and be creative with something as simple as masking tape? I believe you can! I actually know you could be creative with almost anything if you just look at the possibilities there are… It is also known … Continue reading

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the Sketchbook Project | Lines, squares and cross stitch patterns

I got a sketchbook with the theme grids and lines in the mail last year for The Brooklyn Art Library and their huge sketchbook exhibition. This exhibition is now on tour in the US, and if you have the time … Continue reading

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Paper Weaving

Have you ever tried paper weaving? That is, weaving with strips of paper… No loom needed. It is super fun I have made a few little paper weavings lately. Just experimenting with strips of paper.; over, under, over, under… Please … Continue reading

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Colour Studies in a sketchbook

Thinking about Colour Studies in a sketchbook, this one: Two weeks ago on my art journal check in for week 4 here at the blog which means this week it is already week 6 of this year. I have been … Continue reading

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the Sketchbook Project | Blue grid and some rain

Blue grid #2. Newspaper crossword squares, pencil lines, washi tape with blue grid, blue envelope lining, ballpoint squares, illustration from a vintage school book and some watercoloured blue imaginary bar chart with numbers. Just a play with scraps of paper, … Continue reading

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the Sketchbook Project | Pink Grids and lines

Today, an update from my personal sketchbook in The Sketchbook Project that I am participating in. Some finished spreads in my (trying to) “keep it simple” Moleskine sketchbook. Here we go; Pink squares in a pencil line grid. Lines of … Continue reading

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the Sketchbook Project | Grids + b/w pages

This is update number three about my participation in/progress of The Sketchbook Project. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it below. Thanks! A black and white page with this quoted cat (repeating Miau! in Swedish which is spelled Mjau!) … Continue reading

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