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Art Journal Peek: Hey Mr Bluebird in the Garden

I tend to think I need all my supplies to create, and sometimes that keeps me at home even though I want to go elsewhere; to travel or just simply go outside for a while. In summer I love to … Continue reading

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I bring a pencil when I go fishing

Gone Fishing – Not! I doubt you imagine me sitting outside for hours fishing, huh? And you’re right. I rarely do. Instead, if I am going fishing I go for the fika and to be outside in the sunshine. And … Continue reading

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Stoned Doodles

H want to show you my doodled stone, before I release the back into nature. There are extremely many stones featured in my last post and I think it’s because stones have been on my mind. These two I picked … Continue reading

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Eye Candy: Sparkly Maple Leafs

Yellow, orange and red mixed together into fire, wine and happiness… It’s the fall colours. I want to pick up every beautiful maple leaf I see and bring it with me home! The best way to save some of this … Continue reading

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Maneki Neko Sketch

Sitting in the shade with my Art Journal and a high glass of iced coffee. Dipping my paintbrush in water and painting with a mostly unused colour (ochre) in my paint box of watercolours. Swirling it around, making pools of … Continue reading

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Fun Spraydate with lots of Spraypaint and Stencils

This summer my friend Nina and I had this great spraydate together outside her house. It was so much fun that that we stayed for hours and only finished when the sun set and we couldn’t see our papers to … Continue reading

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The Curiosity Bug Infection

How is it possible to have this much to say and not write it down when you have the chance? Can one burst from too many finished sentences floating around inside the brain? Will I burst? I thing I have … Continue reading

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Knitted Graffiti Art – what a hooligan I am!

My first knitted graffiti! Well, to be honest, my first graffiti ever I think! I just haven’t meet people that was “in to” this kind of stuff before, but this Sunday we were a bunch that sat outside and made … Continue reading

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Smear, stain and spill that acrylic paint

I could only read a couple of pages in Traci Bautista’s book Collage Unleashed before I had to put it down. Not because I thought it was a bad book, but because I was so inspired I couldn’t continue reading. … Continue reading

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From a cats point of view

Inspired by browsing through Jojo Falk’s photos of her cat Ripley I hung my camera on my shoulder as I went out with Smilla. I was thinking I have a lot of photos of my cat, but they are of … Continue reading

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