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Quilting | Sewing a Polka Dot Table Runner

Quilting – the act of cutting perfectly good fabric into little pieces and then sewing them back together again. iHanna Quilters are people who enjoy cutting new fabric apart to sew it together again. It sounds counter-intuitive and a bit … Continue reading

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My New Polka Dot Art Table (video)

I like a lot of different styles when it comes to interior decorating, and I always admire those that has all-white rooms in their houses. But as an artist, I could never pull that style of, no matter how much … Continue reading

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I Love Transparent Pen Pouches

What’s on my Pink Polka Dot Desk these days I guess you’re asking right now? Well, I am delighted you asked because that’s just what I wanted to share today! But most of all, I want to talk about pen … Continue reading

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Cheer me up & share your DIY Postcards

November in Sweden this year has been horrible gray. Where I live there has been gray skies for weeks on end. It feels like the fog never lifts, and it gets dark around three o’clock. The first few weeks we … Continue reading

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My desk is a Constant Mess

The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you canít learn anything from being perfect. Adam Osborne There is a mess on my desk. Again. There is a finished art journal. A started art journal. A current … Continue reading

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Pop Art DIY Postcards

I am finally sitting down to post some of the many photos I took while making postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap! Just looking at my messy desk above, filed with half finished postcards a few weeks back, makes me … Continue reading

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The road to Rainbow Kitten

Creativity can take you anywhere. That’s what I love the most about creativity. You know? Sometimes, when you’re sitting and creating, and all of a sudden… Please follow and like: Related PostsCollage has Infinite Possibilities Right now on the sewing … Continue reading

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On my desk

Pens, and a panda. Please follow and like: Related PostsCreativity in Snapshots | Shabby Chic Winter Fuel Your Constantly Creative Brain Embroidered Polka Dots | Pencil Case

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365 Collages | Week 41 | The Invisible Series

I wasn’t planning to work on a series this week, even though I’ve been thinking about this idea of using the same image over and over (again) for a while. Then I found a few prints of the same vintage … Continue reading

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Creative Snapshots | Polka Dots

It’s September first today and autumn is officially here. The mornings are chilly but we’ve had several beautiful days with warmth and sunshine this week (and some heavy rain too). My window is still open all the time, and today … Continue reading

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