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A Box of Papers and autumn in Sweden

It’s autumn in Sweden. Well actually, today we are going into Winter Time, setting our clocks back an hour to get more lights in the mornings… But where I am we haven’t had any snow yet, so I’m enjoying the … Continue reading

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As seen on Instagram

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. Rumi Distractions. Everywhere. Or: the path forward? I keep painting, doodling, doing my thing. I’m drawn to these things, as … Continue reading

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Introduction | Spotted Photo Theme

I have been thinking about a photo post idea for two years now, and now (finally) it’s time to get it going for real. I’m calling it Spotted Photo Theme! If you love photography, documenting, sharing and blogging you are … Continue reading

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Buried blog post treasures

My blog, back in January 2006! I’ve already mentioned that since the database move there has been quite a lot of blogging behind the scene going on here. As I am tagging old posts and rearranging my categories I am … Continue reading

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Hello Sandybell, Hello memorylane

I’m posting a video to my blog today – just because I can and it’s fashionable to do it. Did you notice that Everybody is doing it these days? I think it will be so cool when we’re getting moving … Continue reading

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How time flyes and kids grow up

Contrasts – they show up with time to me. It was a thought I already had on my mind… This photo still makes me laugh: It’s me and my brother. Can you believe it? I used to change diapers on … Continue reading

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Eye Candy | Good memories

More old stuff from the drawer since I’m still traveling and not updating with new stuff. This is a watercolour painting I made in Thailand, 2003. I just found it in a pile of photos from the trip. Here is … Continue reading

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Cross stitching once upon a time…

She who saves will find years later and be amazed… Continue reading

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